Marvel Strike Force Superhero Guide

best superheroes

There are so many of them, and you need to plan 3 to 4 separate guide books, including all the description of superheroes and villains in MARVEL Strike Force. Nevertheless, we will answer some of the questions about which everyone is curious.

Choose a tank

Captain America is the best tank in the class of “heroes.” You can pick Kingpin for “villains” class. Lukes Cage is a free tank at the beginning of the game and is a decent tank until the end of the game, but for challenging missions and raids, you have to select one of the following two characters.

Compare the stats of the following two Tanks:

StatsCaptain AmericaKingpin
Shard Cost10045

Captain America is a regular “spank” tank and great for those playing with data. Kingpin is a complicated character to play because he has no clear taunting skills. Nevertheless, at high levels, the bodyguards he invites can be especially useful.

Choose a healer

Night Nurse is the ultimate healer in the group of heroes. We may claim that Hand Wizards are the best healers for the class of the villains.

Compare the stats of the following two Healers:

StatsNight NurseHand Sorceress
Shard Cost4515

Sadly, no actual healer is in the group of villains. The hand sorceress, the best option for the raid missions, is ineffective. Nevertheless, since the hand sorceress can be unlocked with only 15 fragments, it is particularly useful during campaign missions. On the other hand, Night Nurse can be used in any stage of the game.

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Choose damage dealer

We can now claim that Gamora is the best character for the hero “Brawler” of the game. Winter Soldier is the best character in the class “Blaster.”

Compare the stats for the following two Dealers:

StatsGamoraWinter Soldier
Shard Cost10045

Gamora is top most for players who want to see a lot of contamination on the screen because it can be very critical. The Winter Soldier is equally damaging and provides debuffs & buffs from a distance. But for raid missions, Gamora is stronger.

Choose a crowd controller

Quake in the category of heroes and Nobu in the group of villains are the best characters to pick.

Compare the stats of the following two Controllers:

Shard Cost45100

Nobu is a helpful character for raid missions in particular. In elections, you don’t need to use it. Quake is one of almost every mission type’s ideal crowd control characters, as she fights and operates like a debuffing machine.

Heroes and villains may join the same group, but note that there is some talent for other heroes and villains. For example, Quake’s “Secret Warrior” ability provides only other heroes with a 5% shield. They won’t get this buff if there are any villains in your squad. That’s why we advise you to create your team with either heroes or villains.

Now that you have learned which heroes are best, the time has come to fight the Ultimus. After reading our other guides such as marvel strike force free gold hack, you will learn even more about MARVEL Strike Force. Good fortune to save the world!

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