House Of Fun: Slots Casino Everything To Know About Album Cards


House of Fun introduces one cool feature recently, and that is called House of Fun Album Cards. It is an essential feature of the game that can give you a lot of fun and enjoyment.

You can easilly get the House Of Fun: Slots Casino for iOS and Android for free. So just get it on your device and start gambling with you cards.

In this post, we will explain all the aspects of House of Fun album cards.

House of Fun album card rarity

At the bottom right of your game, you get the House of Fun Cards. The cards are of various rarity- starting from single start to 5-star.

Number of stars in the card defines the more is the rarity. So if you collect five start cards, your reward meter will fill more.

House of Fun Lucky card

Lucky cards can be found in every card pack. As you receive a lucky card, you have to scratch it, and randomly you will receive an additional card pack or a higher rarity card.

Even a lucky card can give you a huge House of Fun free coins. So never miss the opportunity to grab a lucky Card.

House of Fun Album Cards more tips

Duplicate Cards

Duplicate cards are saved and get converted to prizes. When you receive a rarer card, it fills your reward meter faster, and you can collect the House of Fun rewards easily.

House of Fun free coins

House of Fun album card is the tremendous opportunity to collect House of Fun free coins. When you play the game, you manage the set of cards. These card sets are nothing but the working house of fun free coins hack. After you complete all sets, you get 20 million House of Fun free coins.

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Get card packs

If you are willing to spend some cash, you can complete the card set by purchasing Cards from the store. There are various card packs available in the store starting from 2.99$ to 29.99$. But the most significant opportunity is given to new players. As a new player, you get a 150% boost on the card pack.

How the House of Fun Album card works

Album card works in a simple way:

  • Collect cards as you play spins in the slot machines
  • Finish card sets and win exciting prizes
  • Collect the complete set of the album and receive a huge reward
  • Higher bets increase your chances to get better card packs of the game
  • Purchasing bigger coin packages ensures receipt of a higher rarity card packs
  • Each pack contains four cards out of which at least one is of the same rarity of the card pack.

Bottom line

With House of Fun card packs, you get the ultimate enjoyment of collecting cards of various rarity and convert your collection to House of Fun free coins.

With the array of Cards, you can get even better rewards. As you play, more you will win more card packs. Hence complete your card set and share it on Facebook for your friends.

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