Facts And FAQs About King Of Avalon For Beginners To Know

king of avalon faq

You will be better off in playing as well as making your strategies when you know about the facts and FAQs about the game. King of Avalon is no exception to it. Here are a few FAQS and facts that you must know about, especially if you are new to the KOA world.

  1. Is KOA Free?

Yes, this multiplayer mobile war game is free and open to all.

  1. How to play it on PC?

To play this game on your PC, you will need to download an Android app supported software like the blue stacks.

  1. How to train the dragon?

Follow the simple and useful tutorial in the game for that matter to know the exact rules that will help you in the process.

  1. How to redeem gift codes?

Just follow these few simple steps to redeem your king of avalon gift codes for KOA:

  • Go to your player profile
  • Click on Gift Codes and
  • Insert the code you want to redeem.

This is the most important thing to know as successful redeeming of your gift codes will help you a lot in upgrading the elements of the game.

How to Get Free Gold in King of Avalon?

You can win lots of gold in the game, and there are many different ways to get it. These are:

  • Fulfill your achievements as specified in the ‘Player Profile’ or on the image of the gold medal for heroic tasks shown in the lower right-hand corner of your screen
  • Join an alliance for the first time in the game to get two alliance teleports and a specific amount of gold
  • Deposit in the bank by clicking on it and choosing the best deposit option for you
  • Win the crystal ball jackpot by clicking on the tavern and the ball
  • Discover the tarot cards from the fortune teller in the tavern by scrolling the wheel of the Zodiac when the fortune teller invites you to open the Tarot cards
  • Participate in different current and future events in the game in the dragon’s lair and achieve the various goals of these various events
  • Collect the gift of Merlin by including gift notifications to win gold as well as other items on time that will come up on your screen from time to time alongside the daily delivery airship
  • Take gold from different messages from the system by checking your mail regularly and also use the various information provided by the system for the development of your team.

If you are the king, you can buy gold on the black market by using your royal ability to ‘Black Market Links.’ To use this feature, click on the ‘King’s Hall’ button on the kingdom map located at the lower-left corner.

There are also several events organized by the community that will provide you with great rewards, even gold. To participate, click on Player Profile, Settings, Community, and the event.

The chests of gifts from the alliance and the lord, if you are in an alliance for at least 24 hours, will also provide you with lots of gold.

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