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  • Guest Profile: Linkwise Productions

    The Linkwise Productions gang is coming to Con-G with a new set of shorts that is sure to entertain. Fresh off the heels of their feature film, “Cosplayers”, Linkwise comes to you with a never before seen short in a series that picks up where the movie left off. Check out their YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/mforcemaniac) […]

  • Guest Profile: Tom “Savage Bandito” Savage

    Little is known about the Savage Bandito’s origin… because if anyone asks they are treated to a long, boring story that truly doesn’t make any sense. The facts: he appears like a rotund puff of smoke and leaves comedic videos and photos in his wake. Somehow he’s made over 150 episodes of The Savage Bandito […]

  • Christian Potenza visits FLuffee’s Tiny Office

    Con-G guest Christian Potenza makes a visit to a friend’s tiny little office. You may have heard of him; a certain famous YouTube personality by the name of FLuffee! That’s right, both Christian Potenza and Fluffee will be appearing at Con-G this year! Woo! Come on out and see them both (plus all our other […]

  • Guest Profile: Devin “Featherweight” Harrigan

    Devin “Featherweight” Harrigan A wizard from the distant galaxy of boxtron-7, Featherweight fell though an interspace tunnel while saving a space orphanage form the deadly zark-beast. Now trapped on earth he must make his way though the world the only way he knows how, WITH THE POWER OF CARDBOARD! (he also makes puppets but that’s […]

  • Guest Profile: Krystal “Kudrel” Messier

    Kudrel is a Master level cosplayer and costume accessory designer from Ottawa, Ontario. She got into cosplaying back in 2004; attending the first AC-Cubed, and has been hooked ever since. She’s won over 10 awards for her costumes including Best in Class in several divisions and Best in Show. She has also had the pleasure […]

  • Guest Profile: Stillvisions

    Kevin is a longtime attendee at various cons since 2002, primarily as a photographer, but also as a panelist, staffer, masquerade MC, judge and occasional costumer. Focusing mostly on photoshoots, Kevin’s work can be found at www.stillvisions.net Stillvisions will be making a guest appearance at Con-G Season 4, February 25-26, 2012. See all our guests […]

  • Guest Profile: Christian Potenza

    Christian Potenza moved to the big city with a pair of ripped jeans, skateboard, a second hand bass guitar, and hopes of making a name for himself in the Entertainment Industry. He was then plucked early from theatre school and started his voyage into the Land of TV. His first role was a rookie cop […]

  • Guest Profile: Lar deSouza

    A professional illustrator for over 20 years, Lar deSouza is the cartoonist for the 2008 Shuster Award winning online comics, “Least I Could Do”, and “Looking For Group”. Lar has also been the recipient of the Prix Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement in Canadian Science Fiction (2008, 2006) and numerous other awards for caricature and […]

  • Guest Profile: Mike Dodd

    Michael Dodd began his career in the broadcasting, journalism and public relations fields in 2006 when he joined Niagara College’s Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film course. Later that year Mike became one of the founding members of This Week in Geek, a radio show extra-credit assignment for Niagara College’s radio station, 90.1 FM: The […]

  • Guest Profile: Stephen B. Pearl

    Stephen B. Pearl is, like the lead character in his novel Tinker’s Plague, (now wasn’t that subtle?) a generalist: an EMT, husband, mystic, science enthusiast, handyman, backyard mechanic, and environmentalist, among other things. He has three, soon to be four with the release of Nukekubi in e-book and paperback in March 2012, published novels. Currently […]

  • Guest Profile: Doctor Holocaust

    Known to many as Toronto’s greatest villain and to some as a genius visionary, Dr. Holocaust is a gentleman who is, above all else, trying to take over the world. It has been some years now since the Doctor had made his first appearance at Fan Ex 2008. Since then he has attained multiple weapons […]

  • Guest Profile: Amanda “Elemental” Irwin

    Amanda Irwin (Often known as Elemental) has been attending conventions since 2002, and shows no signs of stopping. Starting out as a cosplayer and eventually progressing to photographer so she could document all the awesome costumes that were happening around her, she’s now an established cosplay photographer in Ontario and the Midwest con circuit. You […]