We will be running a bunch of panel rooms at Con-G! The Flanders, John McCrae, Ken Danby and the Aberfoyle Rooms will all be used as panel rooms for the weekend.

New this year, it’s Con-G After Dark! After 9 pm on Friday and Saturday there will be a few panels that are 18+. In order to get into these panels you MUST show ID that proves you are 18 or older (e.g. driver’s license, age of majority card, etc.). The panels may contain nudity, sexual context, strong violence, language, and tentacles.

All programming before 9 pm is still the same fun all-ages and PG-13 programming you’ve come to know and love at Con-G!

Panel Schedule To see the pdf of the schedule – click HERE!


Otaku Weight Loss – Friday 5 pm
A panel to help cosplayers with their bodies and self-esteem. It’s all about being healthy, whether you wish to lose a couple pounds or maintain your weight. We give tips, tricks and ideas so cosplayers can be more confident with their body shapes and be proud of who they are.

So you’re at a Con – Now What? – Friday 5 pm
Are you new to conventions? Want to meet some friends? Or need help surviving them? We give you the knowledge to make the most of your weekend at a convention while staying alive

Okay Now I Want to Cosplay– Friday 6 pm
New to cosplay? Not sure how to start? This panel covers the basics to help get you into the hobby! We talk about choosing costumes, fabrics and patterns, and everything else you need to start cosplaying!

History of Survival Horror Games – Friday 6 pm
You have now entered the world of Survival Horror. Explore the history of the world’s scariest gaming genre. From its gruesome beginnings to the horrifying possibilities of the future.

Hetalia: Ask-a-Nation – Friday 7 pm
Ask a Nation; Where you can ask your favourite countries the questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. What is America’s favourite sport? Just what is it that England tried to cook for dinner last night? Now’s your chance to find out!

Introduction to Flame Effects for Artists – Friday 7 pm
Just some of the basics of building safe propane-fuelled fun! No demonstrations (boo insurance!), but Adam Smith will have a couple of pieces of equipment to show.

Chasing and Repousse – Friday 8 pm
Introduction to Repousse for Costumers: An interactive demonstration of the basic techniques for embossing sheet metal with designs and textures

Puppet Making Demo with Featherweight – Friday 8 pm
Come to this puppet making demo and watch as he makes a puppet from start to finish right before your eyes.

Kingdom Hearts– Friday 9 pm Love the Kindgom Hearts games and all of the characters within? Come and discuss the popular franchise with some of the characters from the worlds of KH.

Aquabats – Friday 9 pm
We are your average ordinary, superhuman!; Punishers of evil, rock and roll band!;
And we’ve been designated to save this crazy world!; We cannot die, for this is our destiny!; Come on now and see the Aquabats panel!

Manga Workshop – Friday 9 pm (2 hr)
Want to learn how to tell a story in the manga style? This workshop is for artists who want to learn the difference between the East and West world of comics, how panels work, dialogue, framing and more!

Fanfic Gone WILD: Rock Out With Your **** Out! (18+) – Friday 10pm
18+ FOR A REASON. Discussion about fanfic: Why it’s awesome and what you’re reading, Tumblr, AO3, Dreamwidth, Live Journal, DeviantArt. We will be playing “What’s That Position”, doing dramatic readings of HILARIOUS fanfic, discussing OTPs/OT3s/Moresomes, Rule 63….AND A LOT MORE

Yaoi – You wrote it, now what? – Friday 10 pm
Author’s misadventures and triumphs in the b/l, m/m fiction market. From inspiration, to perspiration, to rejection and finally success.

Bad Movies: A Discussion – Friday 11 pm WHY do people like bad movies? Let’s discuss our favourites, look at the resurrection of the Z-movie genre, and show clips from our favourites.

Crowdfunding and the Independent Artist – Friday 11 pm
You have a great idea for a project, should you crowdfund? Using platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to generate funds is all the rage. How effective is it and what are the things to look out for?

Wing Building Demo – Friday 11 pm (2 hr)
Come learn how to make a great set of wings from master costumer Kudrel

Weird Video Games – Friday 12 am
Zombies driving go-carts! Floating faces fighting the Statue of Liberty! Gun-toting refrigerators! Tom “Heisanevilgenius” White shows you some of the weirdest games he never reviewed.

Escaflowne – Friday 12 am It’s totally worth it to get past those pointy noses. Dragons, Mecha and shirtless Van–what’s not to love about this series?


Polymer Clay – Saturday 9 am
Learn about polymer clay, from basics to more advanced techniques, and how to use polymer clay to create small props and details such as buttons, jewellery, holographic images, gradual colour blending, how to create molds, customize your tools and more.

Writing Serial Fiction – Saturday 9 am
Having trouble plotting out that epic? Do you have a story that will not be contained to a single novel but are concerned it might become unwieldy? Join Jen Frankel as she discusses the differences involved in writing serial fiction, drawing from her own series, Blood and Magic.

What We Watched LIVE! – Saturday 10 am
Sure old cartoons were weird…but Derek the Bard has dug up some particularly bizarre ones. Come out and learn the joys of an age that gave us shapeshifting dinosaur superheroes, giant monster romance, and real American heroes

Mold Making – Saturday 10 am
Learn how to make multiples of any object for cosplay or profit! Come see mold making from professional costumer Alexandra Gerlach, of Queen of Hearts Costumes. Learn how to prepare your original models for the molding process, different model-making techniques, mold building techniques, and the best materials for each job. See several styles of mold made from start to finish. This is panel leads into Sunday’s Resin Casting panel.

Let’s Talk Youtube – Saturday 10 am
Giving helpful tips to start up, gain viewership and improve content while staying committed to your channel.

Kim Possible – Saturday 11 am A panel dedicated to the teen hero who makes the impossible happen; panelists discuss their favorite episodes/moments from the series.

Posing in Cosplay – Saturday 11 am Unsure what to do when someone asks for your photo at a con? Tired of hating every image of yourself you find? Come to hear a cosplayer turned photographer give you everything you need to know about making the most of your photos and how to love how you look in cosplay and out!

Tokusatsu – Saturday at 11 am
Tokusatsu may contain some or all of the following: Kaiju, spandex superheroes, giant robots, and more special effects than you know what to do with. From Godzilla to Kamen Rider and beyond! Come discuss one of the most popular genres in Japan and its presence in North America!

Leatherworking Basics– Saturday Noon
Leather working with Adam Smith. Come and learn the differences between different leathers and some of the basics of working with leather for costume-building with an emphasis on a basic toolkit for leather.

Working With a Photographer – Saturday Noon
So you’ve got yourself a private photoshoot with a photographer and you can’t wait to get Awesome Epic Photos of your hard work. Here’s what you need to know to help make the magic happen.

Writing Workshop – Saturday Noon
Want to flesh out that manuscript you wrote during NaNoWriMo? Want to share your fanfiction? Have a screenplay you want advice on? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Getting into Character – Saturday 1 pm
Stumped on how to make the change from a cheery attitude to a dark brooding one of that well-loved character? Or just don’t want to be the Cosplayer who doesn’t react right? Come on over to Getting Into Character, and get your questions answered!

Iaido Sword Demonstration – Saturday 1 pm
Learn about Japanese swordsmanship and how to train like a samurai. Hear from practitioners of iaido, kendo and jodo and watch them demonstrate sword arts from centuries ago in style.

Adventure Gaming – Saturday 1 pm
Adventure games have been in video game culture since it began, from text based beginnings to the Golden Age to the eventual downfall and a sudden resurgence recently. What caused the decline? What ultimately failed? And how have they evolved and influenced non-Adventure titles?

Evil 401 – Saturday 1 pm
Come out and see our final instalment of the Evil 101 series! Learn from local super villain, Dr. Holocaust, about how to execute your world domination strategy and what to do once you’ve taken over the world!

Evil Exam – Saturday 2 pm
You think you have what it takes to be a super villain? Think you know all there is to know? PROVE IT! Come on out after our
Evil 401 class to take an exam and test your evil genius I.Q.

Doctor Who – Saturday 2 pm
A panel dedicated to our favourite man in a little blue box. Who was your favourite doctor? Who was your favourite companion? Come and celebrate 50 years of time lord history.

Boffer Creation – Saturday 2 pm
Underworld LARP’s weapons marshals will teach you the proper way to make a foam sword and make it fully safe for LARP combat. And you get to take it home with you when you’re done!! Sign up for this workshop at the Underworld LARP table, but hurry, because slots fill up fast!

Props and Armour– Saturday 2 pm
Come learn the processes for making a variety of Props and Armour. Topics range from Safety, Tools & Materials, Sculpting, Woodworking, Mold Making & Casting, Painting, and more!

Make-up and Prosthetics 101 – Saturday 3 pm
Underworld also specializes in makeup and prosthetics. Our head make-up artist will transform you while providing tips on the process. Photographers will be present for the aftermath! Sign up for this workshop at the Underworld LARP table, but hurry, because slots fill up fast!

Film & Television Show-and-Tell – Saturday 3 pm
Film & Television Show-and-Tell with Adam Smith. Adam has dozens of film and television prop and costume-building credits; come see him present a slideshow of some of his favourites, with behind the scenes tales of peril and brushes with fame!

My Little Pony:FiM; A Series Discussion – Saturday 3 pm
Do you watch the show My Little Pony? Or collect the toys? Have you seen Equestria Girls? Or noticed the ever escalating “Brony” phenomenon? Then come take listen and take part in this panel where all of that AND MORE shall be discussed!

Geek in Popular Culture – Saturday 3 pm
The geek in popular culture from Abed to Zac: A panel looking at how the geek is portrayed in popular culture. Who are our favourite and least favourite geeks? Who broke barriers and who was a walking stereotype?

Drawing with Lar – Saturday 4 pm
Lar is pretty casual about his panels. If you don’t have any questions about drawing, he’ll just keep on showing off his cartoons, talking and drawing and probably ranting. He does that. He also types panel descriptions in the third person. What’s up with that?

Ask-a-Scientist – Saturday 4 pm
A panel of professional scientists from varied fields answer audience questions about science as it is, as it might be, and as it appears in fiction.

MAD Libs – Saturday 4 pm
Remember that word game you used to play as a kid? Well it’s back with a modern twist. Work as a team to create memorable stories.

The *insert number here* Commandments of Anime – Saturday 4 pm
For the last 5 years, Con-G attendees have created over 200 Anime Commandments. Think about that for a second, Two HUNDRED Anime Commandments… that’s a lot of stone slabs! Come and join us one final time to create the largest list of Anime Commandments we can manage in less than an hour

AMV Heckling III: Hecklopalypse – Saturday 5 pm
Yo man, if you wanna know about crossfades and keyframes, then you’re taking this too seriously. AMVs are F-in’ fun. We got Fall_Child42 and haunter103 here with some fun AMVs to start your con day off right.

Why Video Game Music is Awesome – Saturday 5 pm
Do you think video game music is awesome? If you do, then join Andrew in a panel for video game music appreciation.

Para Para Workshop – Saturday 6 pm
Para Para is a synchronized group dance that comes from Japan’s famous nightclubs. This workshop will teach one Para routine.

Power Rangers: It’s Not Spandex – Saturday 6 pm
It’s Not Spandex: A look at 20 seasons of Power Rangers. Join with other Power Rangers fans in celebrating a Morphinominal 20 seasons of Power Rangers

Choose Your Own Adventure – Saturday 7 pm
What do you do when the panel writes the story? Well come find out as we write a collaborative fanfiction adventure. Last year it was The Epic Crusades of the Starlight Qumkuat Chancellor, what could it be this year?

Developing a Web Series on a Budget – Saturday 7 pm
Have an idea for an awesome webseries? Don’t know how to get started? Only have $5? We have tips!

Zombie Mythos – Saturday 8 pm
Basic mythologies, Zombie look alikes, methods of attack and how to defend yourself.

Books to TV Shows or Movies – Saturday 8 pm
A Song of Ice and Fire has entered the cultural lexicon, but other fantasy book series haven’t had the same luck.

Yaoi and Slash! – Saturday 9 pm (2+++ hr) 18+ panel after 10 pm
Con-G’s longest running panel – by volume is back for another year. Here is your chance to meet like-minded fans, and chat about boy love in anime, sci-fi and other genres.

Adult Origami with Lar – Saturday 9 pm 18+
Tired of peace cranes, butterflies and flower? Screw that noise. Come learn to fold something to make your sensei blush. Not for the easily offended.

Narrative in Video Games – Saturday 9 pm
There’s no doubt about it. Storytelling in video games is incredibly important and can make or break a game. What do video games offer in storytelling that other mediums such as books or movies can’t? And what are some famous examples of story driven games?

Horror –Goretastic – Extravaganza – Saturday 10 pm
Why we LOVE HORROR: Thrills and Chills. Movies, TV shows (characters and tropes), Black Comedy, Splatterpunk, Gratuitous Gore, Psychological Horror. The End of Horror. Zombies. Stephen King. Slashers. Hannibal Lector. Things that go “Bump” in the night. AND NO SPARKLY VAMPIRES

Social Media Effect on Cosplay– Saturday 10 pm
Come join in on a general discussion of the positive and negative effects social media has given to the cosplay community as well as learn some tips for using it properly.

NightVale – Saturday 11pm
What is Night Vale? Do you already know? Some things we will discuss. Other things are forbidden. Or simply whisper your questions into the nearest potted plant–the Sheriff’s Secret Police are always listening. Remember, if you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget

Prosthetics After Dark – Saturday 11pm
Continued from the 101 workshop, we progress into horror themes unsuitable for people under 18. Our makeup artists will teach you our techniques. Photographers will again be present! Sign up for this workshop at the Underworld LARP table, but hurry, because slots fill up fast!

These Warriors are Terrible – Saturday Midnight
The popular podcast where Terrible Warriors play tabletop RPGs and nothing ever goes as planned. From accidentally exploding chickens to the wanton torture of pidgeys, we just seem to all-around hate birds for some reason. Join Big Mike, Conal, Derek, and Tom for fun and for spoo. Remember, happiness is mandatory.

Mad Libs 18+ – Saturday Midnight
It’s one of your childhood word games, but with a late night twist. No holds barred; could almost be considered the original “Cards Against Humanity”


Crossplay – Sunday 10am
Look at the man you want to cosplay, then back to yourself, then back to that man, now back at yourself. Sadly, you aren’t a boy. But if you attend this panel and listen to our experienced panelists, you could learn how to be one. We’re on a horse

Full Metal Alchemist -Sunday 10am
This is a discussion and analysis of all things encompassing the successful series, ranging from the TV shows, the films, manga, and much, much more. Everything Full Metal in one convenient location! Discuss the fandom without having to pay an arm and a leg to come

Letters to Video Game Characters – Sunday 10am
Why is Bowser such an inadequate villain? Why does Link get away with breaking and entering? Join Whitless as she writes scathing letters to some of the most famous video game characters and then discuss and write some of your own!

Costuming on the Cheap – Sunday 11am
Got an idea for a costume but worried you don’t have enough money to make it? Learn when to splurge, when to save, and tips for using recycled materials

Cherno Alpha Fan Club: Pacific Rim –Sunday 11am
EVERYTHING ABOUT PACIFIC RIM but ESPECIALLY the Cherno Alpha Fan Club (they had like 3 lines seriously) Join us as we discuss: the science, the bromance, the romance (or lackthereof), the Mori Test, Weapons, No one likes Physics anyways and why the Wall was the WORST IDEA EVER

Beginner Origami –Sunday 11am
Learn to make a corner bookmark, a cup, and jumping frog

Resin Casting – Sunday Noon
Learn how to cast your own costume pieces, figurines, and props with polyester resin (liquid plastic)! Come see resin casting in action with professional costumer Alexandra Gerlach, of Queen of Hearts Costumes. This panel will cover casting into a flexible mold with indoor-safe polyester resin, colouring your cast objects, casting with pigments, and curving flat-cast objects. Resin coating of props will also be touched on. This panel builds on the molds made at Saturday’s Mold Making panel.

Attack on Titan Q&A – Sunday Noon
Taking time out of their Titan-filled lives, a smattering of Attack on Titan characters have arrived for some Q&A

Dangan Rompa Murder Mystery – Sunday Noon (2hr)
DING-DONG-DING-DONG. A body has been found!!! The trial is about to begin but we need more help. We need you to help uncover who the culprit is, so they can’t get away with this travesty and so that the other classmates don’t meet with an unfortunate fate!

Time Travel in Narrative – Sunday Noon
Time travel is a difficult narrative device to implement. Want some tips? Jen Frankel speaks about writing novels with time travel as a main component

Creature Creation – Sunday 1pm
Basics on building non-human costumes. Ideas on head construction, body suits, tails, wings, feet, claws and paws. Tips and tricks as well as some examples.

Miyazaki Movies Sunday 1pm
Come and discuss the great works of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli

How to Win at Workmanship Judging – Sunday 2pm
Come and ask our panel of experienced workmanship judges just what they’re looking for in a well-made costume, as well as common mistakes to avoid. Learn how to prepare for your judging session and how to make your costume the best it can be

Improv Story Telling – Sunday 2pm
This workshop is great for anyone who plans on becoming a Plot member of a LARP or a Dungeon Master for a D&D campaign. Members of the 2013 Underworld plot team will share with you experiences, tricks, as well as taking your questions and much, much more

Tropes and Teen Fiction – Sunday 2pm
What is Teen Fiction? What is New Adult Fiction? How do you cash in on the craze and write your own teen fiction best seller? Let the ladies of Death of the Author Reviews be your guide as they explore the best and worst the category has to offer!

Tailoring: Suit Up – Sunday 3pm
Tailoring and fitting for all costumes (not just suits!) We’ll cover the basics of altering patterns, how to adjust the fit of your costume as you’re sewing it, and how the right fabrics and interfacings can help make your cosplay look great with less work

Steampunk – Sunday 3pm
Welcome to the basic intro into the wonderful world of STEAM and as many of its facets as we can cover in an hour. We’ll cover clothing and props, literature and movies, reanimation and basic Mad Science!

My Little Pony Ask a Pony – Sunday 3pm
Ever wanted to talk to your favourite pony or ask them questions? Well, you’re in luck because the pony gals from MLP:FiM are visiting Con-G 2014! You will have the chance to meet some of the most loyal, funniest, kindest, honest, generous and magical ponies in all of Equestria

In the Not Too Distant Future -Sunday 3pm
Fiction often portrays a dark future, be it the OCP controlled city of Detroit in RoboCop, the crime-ridden megacities of Judge Dredd, or the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. Are our favorite films, games, anime and comic books giving us a glimpse into the not too distant future?

Murder Mystery Wrap Up – Sunday 4pm
Have you been hunting for clues this weekend? Want to know where they all are and whodunnit? Come find out! Those with the correct solution will be entered into a draw for some great prizes!

Creativity – Sunday 4pm
Doing art of any sort, whether it’s painting a picture or producing a video, can be tough to do when you have a creative block. How does creativity work, and how can you best overcome those blocks in order to reach total creative freedom?

Mini Live Panel – Sunday 4pm
Hello~ If you like or are interested in Japanese idol culture then please come out to sing and dance with us! Let’s celebrate Con-G’s series finale together!! (*^▽^*)ノ~♪

Mind the Gap – Sunday 4pm
Paranormal Investigator Dennis Claveau will discuss the reality behind paranormal investigations and why you can’t always believe what you see on television. We will discuss our first-hand encounter with Hollywood and real hauntings. Hear the real stories from real people