Con-G Masquerade!
Con-G’s masquerade provides cosplayers the chance to show off their ingenuity and humour for the delight of the masses. As a smaller convention, our masquerade offers a great opportunity for newcomers to come on stage and strut their stuff in front of a friendly, smaller crowd.

Masquerade starts at 7:30pm on Saturday, February 22nd.

Sign ups will be at the Masquerade table near the Registration/Info desk in the front lobby on Saturday from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm or until all spots are filled, so come early to avoid disappointment.

If you would like to participate in the masquerade please fill out BOTH these forms – this doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the masquerade but it will help do the paperwork faster.
Masquerade Entry Form
Masquerade Sound Form

Participant sign in will be at 6:00pm – The green room will open at this time for workmanship judging.

The stage is smaller in size so please plan your skit accordingly.
We are on an actual stage that is about 2-3 feet from the floor so there will be stairs that you have to go up.

Winners will be announced before the dance, around 10 pm. Prizes can be picked up at the Masquerade table Sunday morning

Time Limit
The time limit is 2 minutes for groups of 3 people or less. Groups of 4 or more are allowed 3 minutes. Don’t feel the need to fill that entire time.  Short and sweet can be a better entry 🙂

Con-G will be offering workmanship judging for entries that would like to be judged on the technical aspects and quality of their costume. You just have to specific on your entry form if you would like to be judges on your workmanship.

Introductions, Sound and Music
Please print clearly on your entry form if you would like an introduction to be read for your skit. Please let the MC know in the green room if you are going to be doing anything that might involve them. If you do not provide any information about an introduction, the MC will only read your entry number and the title of the skit.

The Con-G stage is on the small side and you may not require pre-recorded dialogue, however if hearing the dialogue for your skit is very important we suggest you pre-record it and submit the CD when you hand in your registration sheet. In regards to submitting CDs, please make sure it’s properly labeled (so it can be returned to you), other playing instructions and what track you wish us to play. There will be no microphones for you on stage.

General Masquerade Rules

1. Please no open flame or similar effects (fireworks, sparklers, etc.).
2. The MC and MD reserve the right to kick anyone out of the audience who they feel is disrupting to the masquerade.
3. No messy substances on the stage (like liquids, confetti, gelatinous goo, snow)
4. No nudity or inappropriate material or references. Keep your performance to a PG-13 level at maximum.
5. Absolutely no dangerous actions on stage. This includes but is not limited to rough fighting, running, the waving around of large or long props and other such things. Do not throw anything into the audience, this will disqualify you from competition and may result in expulsion from Con-G.
6. The Masquerade Directors reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition at her discretion.

The Con-G Masquerade will be following the ICG guidelines. – They are not rules but guidelines to help you decide what level you should compete in.

This division is for those who are entering in a masquerade for the first time or have not won any awards in previous masquerades, either presentation awards or workmanship awards.

Journeyman is for those who have won 1 award as a Novice or are confident that their costume is beyond that of a novice.

Artisans are those who have won three awards in the Journeyman Division or who have a costume that is beyond that of a Journeyman.

This division is for those who have won more than three times in the Artisan division, or have won a master award or another major award at an anime convention. Professionals from costume-related businesses must compete as a master.

Out of Competition
Commissioned or store bought costume can be presented at Con-G, however they will not be judged on workmanship and hence not eligible for any workmanship awards. They may be eligible for a presentation award at the judges discretion.