Con-G’s “series finale” was in 2014. We are no longer running as a convention. Con-G is NOT running any conventions in 2015, do not be fooled by imitations.
 But that doesn’t mean the name of Con-G won’t live on. Con-G Entertainment, the not-for-profit company (us) that brought you Con-G the convention (also us) will live on. (Bet you didn’t know that was even a thing, eh?) There may be future events in the form of picnics, hosting games and events at other cons, participation in parades, adventure days like survival tag, and con room parties! We have no intention of fading away completely, we just want time to come and play too. Our chapter here is ending, but it’s not the final chapter in Con-G’s story.
To all our attendees: we hope you cherish the memories of Con-G as much as we do. For many of you, the friendships you have forged here will last a lifetime. It gives us all something to hold onto, a unique bond that joins us all in the celebration that was Con-G.
Thank you for letting us entertain you.
Thank you for letting us create such happy memories with you.
Thank you for joining us on the great adventure.

~The Con-G Staff

This question page will be updated as we receive inquiries from you so if you are confused about anything, feel free to e-mail us.

Q: Wait does this mean Con-G doesn’t exist?

A: Con-G only exists as Con-G Entertainment, the not-for-profit company which may run small events in the future.  It will not be running any conventions.

Q: Won’t you miss running Con-G?

A: Absolutely!! We loved running Con-G and are super thankful to have such an amazing group of attendees, dealers, artists, guests and everyone who attended Con-G. You guys Rock!! Unfortunately for the Con-G staff, life got in the way and we just couldn’t afford to do both (mentally and financially).

Q: Con-G? What does that even mean?

A: Con-G is both a short form for “Convention Guelph” and a pun on the Japanese word “kanji”.
Also our dragon mascot’s name is Kon.

Q: What was Con-G about?
A: Con-G was an anime and geek culture convention. We covered a wide range of topics and genres, including amine, science fiction, fantasy, costuming, steampunk, gaming (tabletop, card, and electronic), with a dash of zombies thrown in for good measure.

Q: How many people have attended Con-G in previous years?

A: We grew larger every year and some would say, outgrew Guelph’s convention center space completely.
2009 – 350
2010 – 530
2011 – 705
2012 – 1015
2013 – 1400
2014 – 1800

For any further questions, please contact us.