This question page will be updated as we receive enquiries from you so if you are confused about anything, feel free to e-mail us.
If you cannot find the answer to your question here, be sure to check the convention policy page.

Q: Con-G? What does that even mean?

A: Con-G is both a short form for “Convention Guelph” and a pun on the Japanese word “kanji”.
Our dragon mascot’s name is Kon.

Q: What is Con-G about?
A: Con-G is an anime and geek culture convention. We cover a wide range of topics and genres, including amine, science fiction, fantasy, costuming, steampunk, gaming (tabletop, card, and electronic), with a dash of zombies thrown in for good measure. If you like it, chances are it’ll be here.

Q: Where can I park?

A: The Delta Guelph Hotel has ample parking for con attendees – it is normally a paid parking lot but the weekend of Con-G it will be free to con attendees. There is also parking at the university.
Do not park in the Athletic Club parking lot. It is for club members only and you may be ticketed/towed, and we don’t want that to happen!

Q: Are there nearby ATMs?

A: There will be an ATM in the convention centre. There are also a number in the University Center, and a number of banks down the street.

Q: Are there places to eat nearby?

A: Yes, there is a restaurant right in the convention centre called Fifty West. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The perfect place to wind down at the end of the day or meet with friends.

Behind the hotel there is the Harvard Plaza, this strip mall contains lots of restaurants including Shakespeare Arms, Cora’s, WildWing, Rays Chinese Food, World’s Pizza and a few more, also a dollar store and a No Frills.

In addition, we are located down the street from the Stone Road Mall which has a large food court and a Moxies, and just down the street from a Bulk Barn, Canadian Bagel, and several other restaurants and stores.

See the location page for a map of these various venues.

Q: Is there disabled or restricted access?

A: Yes. While we cannot offer volunteers to provide aid in such situations, there are ramps and elevators that make the entire convention wheelchair accessible.

Q: Will there be a lost and found?

A: Yes, it will be located at the coat check. Children who are lost are also encouraged to come to this location or the registration desk where a friendly Con-G volunteer will be happy to help.

Q: Are there discounts for minors?

A: Yes, minors get in at half price. A minor is anyone under 14 but they must be accompanied by an adult of 18 years or older with a full price pass at all times – this rule is enforced.

Q: I have a large prop, will it be okay to bring it?

A: For all information regarding props, please see the weapons policy on the policy page.

Q: How many people have attended Con-G in previous years?

A: We are still growing which is why we have outgrown out venue twice!
2009 – 350
2010 – 530
2011 – 705
2012 – 1015
2013 – 1400
2014 – ????

Q: I want to volunteer! How do I contact you?

A: Please check out our volunteer page Volunteers must pre-register and be over the age of 14.

For any further questions, please contact us.