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  • Guest Spotlight: Manda “Whitless” Whitney

    Manda “Whitless” Whitney is a Toronto based actor/writer and is the nervous introverted half of the comedy duo weTangent. Armed only with a camera and a love for all things geek, she has plastered the internet with vlogs, sketches, reviews and most recently a six-part musical webseries about NaNoWriMo ( along with her overly enthusiastic […]

  • Guest Spotlight: Rob Paulsen (Narf!)

    Announcing our Guest of Honour for Season 5: Rob Paulsen! Rob’s voice acting career consists of many of your favourite characters such as Yakko, Pinky, & Dr. Scratch’N’Sniff from Animaniacs, as well as Raphael from the original ’90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and now Donatello from the new version of TMNT on Nickelodeon, and […]

  • Happy 2013!

    Happy New Year, everyone! Con-G is getting ever closer (it’s in just 44 days!) and the Con-G Staff are busy, busy, busy gearing up for the show! We’ve got a lot in store for you this year, and we really hope you like it. Over the next few days (and weeks) we’ll be shining a […]

  • Great Last-Minute Gifts

    If you’re still looking for some last-minute gifts this holiday season, remember that Con-G passes make a great gift! Buy one for a friend or relative (heck, pick one up for yourself too) and you’ll be giving the gift of three days of fun and frolic at Con-G this February! Buy a pre-reg pass now!

  • Congrats to our Con-G Art Contest Winners

    WOW, just WOW was this a tough year to choose a winner, everyone who entered did an amazing job bringing Kon to life.  So I want to thank everyone who entered into our contest and I hope you will enter again next year!  But like any contest, I have to choose a winner and a […]

  • Earlybird Pre-Reg Closed

    It’s December 1st! That means the Earlybird discounted pre-reg is now closed, and the regular pre-reg is now open. Don’t worry if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, since it’s only $30 for the full awesome weekend!

  • Change in Ticketing System

    We have switched to a new, better ticketing system to make it quicker and easier for you to sign in when you arrive at Con-G. If you pre-registered ONLINE prior to Nov. 26th: This means you will receive a NEW TICKET in your email through our new ticketing partner, It will be sent to […]

  • Mail-in Pre-Registration

    A mail-in pre-registration form has been made available, and can be downloaded from the Registration page. If you want to get in on the earlybird pre-reg price ($25 for the whole weekend!) and want to pay by cheque or money order, just fill out the form and mail it to the address on the form […]

  • Artists & Dealers Closed

    The Artist Alley and the Dealers Room are now full! We have a great AA and Dealers Room lined up for everyone this year, and both are open on the Friday evening of Con-G, so be sure to check ’em out once you get to the con. Thank you to everyone who applied!

  • Artist Alley for 2013! One more week to get in.

    Hello Artists, We’re super excited about Con-G Season 5, and we hope you are too!  Please forgive the delay in AA selection; one of the founders of Con-G, Lindsay Pattillo (she’s the one who came up with our mascot Kon!), got married a couple weeks ago and all of the Con-G staff was tied up […]

  • Pre-Reg Open

    Heya folks, pre-registration for Con-G Season 5 is open! Go to the Registration page and you can purchase your ticket for the early-bird discounted price of only $25 for 3 days of fun! The price goes up to $30 on December 1, and they will be $35 at the door, so don’t delay! Artist Alley […]

  • Better Late than Never

    Hrmm better late than never, what could we be talking about.  Why it must be the masquerade videos! Go to our Youtube! Sorry for the delay and the drop of the ball 😛 The footage isn’t great as I was at the back of the room – i got there late to set up the […]