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  • Guest Spotlight: Beetlecat

    Deanna discovered costuming and the furry community in 2005 while searching the internet on how to make a gryphon costume for Halloween. She never finished that particular costume but eventually entered the furry community by unveiling her first full costume – ‘Springer the Klipspringer’ in the summer of 2006. Over the next year, she began […]

  • Guest Spotlight: Krystal “Kudrel” Messier

    A spontaneous and dedicated, Ottawa-based International Master cosplayer. She has been submerged in the hobby for almost a decade and is still going strong! Close to becoming (if not already) a pioneer to the eastern Canadian cosplay community, she strongly encourages other cosplayers and artists alike to always push their limits and to embrace originality. […]

  • Guest Spotlight: The 404s

    The 404s Improv Comedy returns to Con-G, showcasing their renowned variety of bizarre geek humour while armed only with hilarity and absolute insanity! The 404s will be performing their much beloved All-Ages fully improvised shows, along with the infamous, dubious and as one fan put it, “educational” Late Night Show. As always, attendance is mandatory […]

  • Guest Spotlight: Debs & Errol

    Debs & Errol is a Toronto-based musical comedy duo with a penchant for pho, cuddly tree spirits and starships. They joined forces in 2011 after a mutual friend put out a call for musical acts and have been entertaining audiences with nerdy showtunes and ridiculous on-stage banter ever since. Feedback from their shows has ranged […]

  • Guest Spotlight: Manda “Whitless” Whitney

    Manda “Whitless” Whitney is a Toronto based actor/writer and is the nervous introverted half of the comedy duo weTangent. Armed only with a camera and a love for all things geek, she has plastered the internet with vlogs, sketches, reviews and most recently a six-part musical webseries about NaNoWriMo ( along with her overly enthusiastic […]