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  • Guest Spotlight: DJ Janos

    DJ Janos, the resident DJ of ConBravo’s DanceBravo Saturday night dance party has been DJ’ing for the better part of a decade, helping to craft dancefloors all over the GTA, and more recently, at Montreal’s Otakuthon. Although not a newcomer to DJ’ing, he is a newcomer on the Convention DJ scene, but has managed to […]

  • Guest Spotlight: Ricky Dick

    Ricky started attending cons in 1979 and immediately hooked up with the fannish costuming community. His costumes have always relied on interesting presentations, elaborate makeups, and an attention to detail. He founded the NJ/NY chapter of the Costumers Guild and was awarded the International Costumers Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. The past few years […]

  • Guest Spotlight: Tom White

    Tom isn’t an evil genius, he just plays one on the Internet. Best known for his web series Weird Video Games, Tom has been featured on sites such as Blistered Thumbs, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, and This Week in Geek where he makes fun of the inherent strangeness in games and pop culture by probing, analyzing, and asking […]

  • Guest Spotlight: Mai Sheri

    Mai Sheri has been active in the Toronto cosplay community since she first attended Anime North in 2004, where she discovered that her love for making elaborate Hallowe’en costumes could eventually evolve into a full-time hobby. Since then, she has won many masquerade awards, including “Best In Show Workmanship”, “Best Performance”, and “Best In Show” […]

  • Guest Spotlight: Devin “Featherweight” Harrigan

    Devin “Featherweight” Harrigan A wizard from the distant galaxy of boxtron-7, Featherweight fell though an interspace tunnel while saving a space orphanage form the deadly zark-beast. Now trapped on earth he must make his way though the world the only way he knows how, WITH THE POWER OF CARDBOARD! (he also makes puppets but that’s […]