So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

To all attendees and fans of Con-G:

There are conventions of all sorts every year, in all parts of the world, catering to a variety of fans. Everything from sports, education, outdoor adventure, boats, cars, trains, planes, toys, technology, health, science, agriculture, sex, marriage, and trades of all sorts. You are the anime fans, the sci-fi fans, the fantasy fans, the fans of all things ‘geek.’ Con-G was created for you, by people just like you. Sure there are many conventions around the globe with the same themes, similar formats and events, guests and masquerades. But Con-G was different, because you made it so.
Annually for the past six years, Con-G has brought together like-minded individuals like yourselves. We’ve met new friends, grown closer with old friends, even seen a little romance (recall last year we even had a marriage proposal – by the way, she said yes if you need a recap). Con-G was started almost as a joke, on a whim (a planned whim, but a whim none the less). The original core staff, those few individuals who came up with this plan wanted something more than just spending money and battling huge crowds. They wanted a smaller con that reminded everyone how much fun it was to attend a con (not that the staff can remember at this point, but we hope you do!). Con-G was created to entertain you.
We’ve seen our little convention grow and grow and we’ve reached a saturation point. We can barely contain the awesome within these walls, and there is no larger space in Guelph. We had over 1600 attendees this year! Sure we could just move, but Con-G was here not only because we lived here, but because it was our home. We wanted to invite you into our home and share lots of laughs and make memories. You came into our home each year, making every year even better than the last.
Over a period of six years, you became our family. We kept the small intimate atmosphere so that we could interact with you, play with you and be there right with you for every awesome moment. How many other conventions do you attend where the entire staff (the ones who planned every tiny aspect of the con) were 100% visible all the time?
Like any family, we had our disputes and arguments and discussions, but the decision to make 2014 the last Con-G convention was unanimous. All good things must come to an end. Con-G was no exception. The decision was not a light one. Many of us were still on the fence even as we made the announcement last year. But like any family, life has a tendency to get in the way. People got busy with other endeavors, relationships developed, some of us got married, bought houses, faced tragedy, divorce, loss but we strove to bring you Con-G each year.
It is true this was our last year, our “series finale” as we’ve called it. Con-G as a convention will be no more. But that doesn’t mean the name of Con-G won’t live on. Con-G Entertainment, the not-for-profit company (us) that brought you Con-G the convention (also us) will live on. (Bet you didn’t know that was even a thing, eh?)
There will be future events in the form of picnics, hosting games and events at other cons, participation in parades, adventure days like survival tag, and con room parties! We have no intention of fading away completely, we just want time to come and play too. Our chapter here is ending, but it’s not the final chapter in Con-G’s story.
To all our attendees: we hope you cherish the memories of Con-G as much as we do. For many of you, the friendships you have forged here will last a lifetime. It gives us all something to hold onto, a unique bond that joins us all in the celebration that was Con-G.
Thank you for letting us entertain you.
Thank you for letting us create such happy memories with you.
Thank you for joining us on the great adventure.

~The Con-G Staff


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