Con-G Season 5 – 2013 Wrap-Up

Season 5 was our biggest and best con yet, and we have you to thank for it! Our final attendance numbers are in, and we had 1450 people at Con-G this year! Holy crow!

Thank you to all the fabulous guests, artists, and dealers for making our fourth year such a great success. A massive thank you to our volunteers and to everyone who helped out with various tasks and to everyone who participated in our many events through out the weekend. A huge thank you to our sponsors Game Asylum, Queen of Hearts Costumes, Neo Tokyo, and the Rose Theatre Brampton.

We had a number of great guests this year, including our guest of honour Rob Paulsen, who was super fabulous and a very nice person to boot! Thank you for being so wonderful, Rob! A big warm thank you to our other amazing guests as well: Debs & Errol, Manda Whitney, Bennett The Sage, Derek The Bard, Beetlecat, Tom White, The 404s, Dawn McKechnie, Ricky Dick, and the Daleks.
To our fabulous community guests, Kevin Chan, Devin Harrigan, Dr. Holocaust, Amanda Irwin, DJ Janos, Krystal Messier, and Mai Sheri, we love each and every one of you and hope you can return to Con-G in the future!


Closing remarks from the staff:
Conventions are hard work, and they can be incredibly personal. Con-G has been our baby for half a decade now, and it’s grown beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. We were just a handful of friends with a dream of running a fun event, and somehow it was never quite real in the few months leading up to our first con. And then… wow. We’d made a thing! And it turned out to be something really special.

And then we realized, for the first time, that we’d just have to do it again, because everyone had such a good time and we couldn’t let everyone down. We think that “trying to please you” mentality is part of what’s kept Con-G growing bigger and better every year.

Con-G is a convention run for the fans, by a group of fans, and it has turned into a beast with a life of its own. That explains our little dragon mascot. And as we know, dragons can be a little overbearing. (Especially Kon. He has needs. ;))

There is no real way we could explain how much this con means to us, the staff, personally. We have poured our hearts and souls into this beast of a con for the past half decade. And the dragon is starting to eat us.

Every one of us has a life and those lives are getting more complicated every day. Husbands, wives, families, houses, mortgages, and more; it’s a lot to bear, especially with a staff of only 8 people. Yes, this entire con is run by 8 people. Well, 8 people and a boatload of amazing volunteers that help out during the weekend. And honestly, we don’t want the convention to suffer because we’re exhausted. We would much rather go out with a bang than ever risk it fading with a whimper. We feel Con-G deserves better than a slow, painful death from the inside out.

We come from a strong community, one we didn’t expect to find, and one we’re soooo proud and honoured to be a part of. We have had some serious discussion among the staff about the sort of commitment Con-G has become, and the behind-the-scenes time it takes to run. You don’t know how little sleep the staff gets between September and January. We just don’t get sleep in February.

Next year, Season 6, will be the last year of Con-G as you know it.

The staff simply needs a break.

We already have some big plans for Con-G Season 6 (the Series Finale). Stay tuned, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll be releasing updates throughout the year.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make Con-G Season 5 such a big success!
XOXO ? ? ?
~The Con-G Staff

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