Dr. Who Lounge at Con-G

The Doctor Who Society of Canada will be running a Dr. Who Lounge this year at Con-G! Comfy seats, lots of Dr. Who chatter, and even a few episodes of your favourite Doctor! You can bet a Dalek or two might crash this lounge!

The Doctor Who Society of Canada is a non-profit social network for Whovians of all ages from coast to coast, focusing on social interaction, intelligent exchange and commonality.

The Doctor Who Society of Canada (DWSC) grew out of the 2011 Toronto Fan Expo, which proved to have such a huge local and national concentration of enthusiastic Whovians that it sparked the formation of a social community on Facebook. The overall response to that Facebook group and calls for more/larger events inspired the founding of the DWSC.

They are based out of the Greater Toronto Area but have expanded into Official Chapters in Ottawa, Halifax and Kitchener/Waterloo.

Come join the fun in the Dr. Who Lounge, but just try not to blink!

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