Guest Spotlight: Mai Sheri

FlutterMai.photoSmallMai Sheri has been active in the Toronto cosplay community since she first attended Anime North in 2004, where she discovered that her love for making elaborate Hallowe’en costumes could eventually evolve into a full-time hobby. Since then, she has won many masquerade awards, including “Best In Show Workmanship”, “Best Performance”, and “Best In Show” at various Ontario conventions, as well as “Best In Class Workmanship” and “Best In Class Presentation” at Worldcon.

She is easily described as a passionately detail-oriented costumer, having been known to scour the city looking for just the right pair of tights, spend countless hours painting designs onto a bodysuit, or create a bead-encrusted ruby slipper. She has also, on occasion, ripped apart entire costumes and reassembled them using different techniques just for a slightly better quality result. Mai Sheri recreates costumes from just about every genre and media source.

Besides her own projects, she enjoys being involved in the fandom community by acting in music video and small film projects, attending photo shoots, and helping to organize community gatherings around the city. Although shy, she loves discussing the ins and outs of her costume projects, and sharing what she’s learned whether it’s on a panel and throughout the online cosplay community. Check out all of her projects at

Mai Sheri will be making a guest appearance at Con-G Season 5, February 22-24, 2013.
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