Guest Spotlight: Derek the Bard

Bio PicDerek the Bard
Self-described “mad librarian”, Derek the Bard films, hosts, and produces Chasing the Muse, a channel dedicated to introducing you to his favourite novels, weird movies, and the cartoon shows of his youth. Placing a focus on finding the weird, he seeks to explore just how downright strange some of the media out there is.

If you’re still reading his bio at this point, Derek is also an amateur platypus tamer, once wrestled a giant rabid aardvark, and has an unhealthy obsession with Japanese tokusatsu. Only one of the preceding statements was true. Probably the one about the aardvark. Seriously – its just a fun word to say. Aardvark. Let it roll off the tongue. Whoever came up with it was a comedic genius.

You can watch Derek’s shows on This Week in Geek, GeekVision, and CWCritiques. He enjoys ale. In great quantities. Also aardvarks. In a totally platonic way. Totally. Yes.

Derek will be making a guest appearance at Con-G Season 5, February 22-24, 2013.
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