Guest Spotlight: Beetlecat

beetle_profile-photoDeanna discovered costuming and the furry community in 2005 while searching the internet on how to make a gryphon costume for Halloween. She never finished that particular costume but eventually entered the furry community by unveiling her first full costume – ‘Springer the Klipspringer’ in the summer of 2006.

Over the next year, she began adding fursuit commissions to her prexisting art business of ‘Beetlecat Originals’; dropping other art projects to the side until, by the beginning of 2007, she was making fursuits exclusively under the furry moniker, ‘Beetlecat‘, offering full costumes as well as ears and tails.

Gradually she began entering the cosplay arena as well, winning several awards with her Red XIII costume and creating her first quadsuit, Toby the Targ.

Beetle can be considered to have a strong semi-realistic style of fursuit and costume building. She patterns her costumes after real animals; reinterpreting realism in order to create clean, expressive fursuits. Her years of costume experience and innovative practices make her fursuits distinctive and recognizable.

Beetlecat will be making a guest appearance at Con-G Season 5, February 22-24, 2013.
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