Artist Alley for 2013! One more week to get in.

Hello Artists,

We’re super excited about Con-G Season 5, and we hope you are too!  Please forgive the delay in AA selection; one of the founders of Con-G, Lindsay Pattillo (she’s the one who came up with our mascot Kon!), got married a couple weeks ago and all of the Con-G staff was tied up with that.  Congratulations to Lindsay! <3 Now we can get back to work! 😉

Also we’d like all our artists to know that this year the AA will be in its own room! Stuff will still be required to leave the room when the alley closes but this should fix some of the noise issues we’ve had in previous years.

We’ve made it through the first round of the jurrying process!  This is our first year doing the AA selection in this manner, so I’m sure we’ll be quicker next year, don’t worry!
Some of you will be contacted shortly to let you know that you have been accepted into the AA, but don’t worry if you haven’t heard back from us just yet as we have not gone through all of the applications.  Final jurrying will happen around November 1st/2nd, and we will let everyone know after that time.
Never fear, we will let everyone know *before* ticket prices go up, so even if you don’t get into the AA this year you can still buy a Con-G pass for the earlybird discounted price!
MORE APPLICATIONS NEEDED: We have 40 spots this year!! Compared to the previous years this is more than twice the artists 🙂
We also need a few more applications to fully fill out the AA this year, so pass the news on to your artist friends if they have not yet applied!  Just point them towards so we can check out their work.
See you at Con-G Season 5!!
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