Guest Profile: Stephen B. Pearl

Stephen B. Pearl is, like the lead character in his novel Tinker’s Plague, (now wasn’t that subtle?) a generalist: an EMT, husband, mystic, science enthusiast, handyman, backyard mechanic, and environmentalist, among other things.

He has three, soon to be four with the release of Nukekubi in e-book and paperback in March 2012, published novels. Currently available these are Tinker’s Plague, in paperback and e-book, Slaves of Love and The Hollow Curse, in e-book.

He is also a contributor to the Samhain anthology of the Pagan Writers Press. He has travelled extensively and enjoys weaving real places and events into his fiction.

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Stephen will be making a guest appearance at Con-G Season 4, February 25-26, 2012.
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