Guest Profile: Mike Dodd

Michael Dodd began his career in the broadcasting, journalism and public relations fields in 2006 when he joined Niagara College’s Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film course. Later that year Mike became one of the founding members of This Week in Geek, a radio show extra-credit assignment for Niagara College’s radio station, 90.1 FM: The Heat CRNC. The show covered geek-related news and topics each week and ran for the next three years on CRNC before migrating to as an internet-only podcast where it has now thrived for over four years as one of Canada’s leading providers of news, reviews, interviews and more from the wide world of geekdom.

Mike chose not to stop there however. Mike has been involved with as their official G1 correspondent for “Hard News” on several different occasions and that opened more opportunities within the video game industry. Mike works with “Handsome” Tom Hanley’s where Mike co-hosts the Prototype podcast. He is also a contributor for and Channel Awesome as well as appearing as a video game expert for several radio chains in Canada and the United States.

Most recently Mike is known as the creator and main contributor of where he has made it his personal mission to review video games on an almost daily basis for his fans. He also works as an internet publicist and voice actor and has several very awesome tattoos on both of his shoulders. Mike continues doing what he loves every day, making him a pioneer in taking Canadian new-media journalism into the 21st century and beyond!

Mike will be making a guest appearance at Con-G Season 4, February 25-26, 2012.
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