Guest Profile: Doctor Holocaust

Known to many as Toronto’s greatest villain and to some as a genius visionary, Dr. Holocaust is a gentleman who is, above all else, trying to take over the world.

It has been some years now since the Doctor had made his first appearance at Fan Ex 2008. Since then he has attained multiple weapons of questionable lethality, minions whom loyally follow his orders to their best efforts, exo-suits of mechanical and megalomaniacal feats, a broadcast on the internet in both comic as well as vlog format and lastly… rivals.

But this journey has not been all unfolding plots of sinister natures. After getting started by notifying the city of his presence onstage he began to tell his story proper in the form of a web comic “The Misadventures of Dr. Holocaust” later adding a web show “The War Front” to keep people informed. But many ask why. Why go through it all to rule this world? Ostensibly his is a journey to better humanity. For, as he believes, it is only through his vision that we are able to live in peace and comfort.

Though that should not stop you from trembling in fear, no SIR, for in the coming years none will be spared his scrutinizing gaze and thirst for destruction…

Doctor Holocaust will be making a guest appearance at Con-G Season 4, February 25-26, 2012.
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He is also the brains behind the awesome Con-G Video.

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