w00tstock Update

We got a reply from w00tstock!
It’s not a yes… but it’s not quite a no either.

We set out to show w00tstock that there is enough local interest in their show to be worth coming to Guelph/KW, and we certainly showed them that! We have more than 100 people over and above the goal of 750 that they set for us, and they are indeed considering it. [At the time of posting, there are 877 supporters on our Facebook page]

However, the w00tstock members (Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, Paul & Storm) are quite busy in early 2011 and so scheduling is a big issue, but they say they will try work it out if it’s possible.

Here’s what they had to say regarding a w00tstock event at Con-G:

It’s going to be extremely difficult to get everyone available for a weekend in February, just because everyone’s schedule is kinda ridiculous in early 2011. That said, we genuinely appreciate your dedication and work to organize this group; if there’s some way to make it work, we’ll try to work it out.

There is still hope for this event, but sadly for now we must go forward as if it’s not happening. Keep your fingers crossed, but don’t expect to see them here unless something changes.

Thank you to everyone who helped support our attempt to get w00tstock here! We really appreciate your continued support and we will definitely keep you all informed if they figure out a way to make it fit into their busy schedules. If not, since they already know there is a large amount of interest out here, perhaps they can fit us in for 2012.

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