Bring w00tstock to Con-G!

Con-G has a chance to bring w00tstock to the Guelph/Kitchener-Waterloo area, but we need your help to do it!

To help out, simply “Like” our Facebook Page here!

What is w00tstock? Billed as “3 hours of geeks and music”, it’s a fun-filled evening hosted by television host/special-effects artist Adam Savage (“MythBusters”), actor/author/blogger Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek: TNG”, “Stand By Me”) and music-comedy duo Paul and Storm (The Internet, Da Vinci’s Notebook) with additional guests based on location! These guys are awesome.

Songs, readings, comedy, short films, it’s the best parts of the huge US conventions (except cosplay) all distilled into 3 hours.

Planning is in the early stages, and nothing is guaranteed! We have been told that we need to show there are enough people who would attend a w00tstock performance held in Guelph/KW before planning can continue. Until now, they have only done performances in the USA, and all on the West Coast. We need to show them that it would be worth their while to come all the way to Canada! We have been told that if we can show that at least 750-1000 people (the size of a US show) in the area want to attend, they will consider coming to Con-G!

Tickets would be sold separately from Con-G memberships, so if you only want to attend one or the other you’re not stuck paying for both, but we hope to have joint tickets to both events at a discounted rate.

Guelph is less than an hour from Toronto, Burlington, and Hamilton, and an hour and a half from London. It would be worth the drive to see w00tstock live in Canada!

If you would like to attend a w00tstock performance in Guelph/KW, please “Like” our Facebook Page to show your support, and pass the link on to anyone else you know that would attend!
If you do not have a Facebook account, please leave a comment on our blog indicating your support.

EDIT: You can grab a banner to use on your own site/blog right here.

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