Masquerade Results

Here are the results for the 2009 Con-G Masquerade:

Best in Show: (workmanship and presentation)
Roxas and Ed (Saeru and Louise)

Best Novice: (workmanship)
Hellgirl (Sarah)

Best Tail: (workmanship)
Goldeen (Jennifer)

Con-G 2009 Special Awards:

Baking Baker Award: Claire

Day Dreamer Award: Stef and Ray

Really, really cute dress Award: Dana and Madeline

Almost Symmetry Award: Kid, Patty and the Kakashi couple

We’re giving you an Award ribbon so you don’t kick our butt: Aesses

Product Placement Award: Sakura and Chouji

Useless Characters Award: Zahmira, Chibi Lenne, non-cosplayer, Megpie

Haro Award – Abigeil

Kill it with Fire Award: Victoria

Never Gonna Give You Up Award: Hard Gay and Garyx2

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