Con-G 2009 a Huge Success!

Con-G 2009 happened on a snowy weekend in Guelph on Feb 21 and 22, 2009.
We were overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response to our little first year convention. Well we guess we shouldn’t say little as we had around 350 people attend!

We want to send a HUGE thanks to everyone that made this convention happen.

To the staff, you rock!!! We couldn’t have done it without such a great team of people, thanks for helping run such a great convention.

To all the volunteers, Con-G just wouldn’t have been the same without you!! You did a great job making everyone feel welcome. We can’t thank you enough for doing such a FANTASTIC job!! We hope you enjoyed the snacks. There are so many of you to name, but we really appreciate all your help.

To everyone that ran events, THANK YOU! They all ran wonderfully (with one exception – darn PowerPoint!) and we think everyone enjoyed playing them.

To our panellists – you rock! Everyone enjoyed the panels and we’ve heard nothing but wonderful comments about what great jobs you did.
A special thanks to Elemental who came out and did a wonderfully successful photography panel.

Thank you to Dave, our con-medic – we loved having you here and handled all of our accidents with out flaw….even if it was just the papercut incident 😉

We especially want to thank our head ninja Caitlin W., workmanship judge Natalie, and MCs Caitlin T. and Savage Bandito for running such a great Masquerade, which actually ran ON time! And to Mike for being a wonderful step in volunteer to do sound.

To all the artists and dealers, thank you for buying tables in our first year. Again you were awesome and thank you for all your suggestions for next year.

To all Con-G attendees, thank you all very much for coming out to Guelph on a such a snowy day for a first year convention, we all really appreciate it! I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time.
Especially those of you that came to our make Con-G better panel, thank you for your suggestions and we hope you enjoyed the cake.

Big thanks to the Ramada who were excellent hosts, and bent over backwards to meet our needs, especially to those con-goers that wanted to check in earlier.

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting Con-G:
The Dragon
Spunky Kitty Style
Skyefish Sushi
Wyndham Art Supplies
The Woodshed
Right Stuf!

And thanks to everyone else we asked questions to and everyone else we forgot to mention.

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